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Local Racing Media Personality Abuses Her Powers

*I wanna make clear that in no way am I trying to bring hate to this person in any way - This is not a personal attack

*All screenshots of conversations mentioned will be below


Nicole LaRose has been part of the local racing scene for several years as she has gotten well known though the racing community. She is most 'famous' for giving drivers sponsorship, helping them out and taking professional world class photos, but overall doing interviews post-race at the Stafford Motor Speedway.

With that said, LaRose has a very big social media following as she has over 3,000 followers combined with 942 followers on Twitter alone (@nlaro44) so, it's safe to say she has a very large reach and many people look up to her. Many people though, have come forward saying how Nicole LaRose has abused her powers by being 'one-sided' and that she uses her powers to criticize people.

Now, I did not fully believe that until it happened personally to me the other day. Nicole posted on how annoying it is when people sometimes like all her photos she posts individuality, which could sometimes be over 50 And I believe that people should not take anything for granted and that she should appreciate that people took time looking though her pictures, not to mention the rudeness of publicly ridiculing people who support her. Within a span of about 10 minutes I received a private message from her.

In the message I felt that she was trying to get some kind of negative reaction from me based off of her messages (Full chat pictured below) She said to reach out if I have any questions, soon after that I was blocked for no reason whatsoever, most likely due to my reply about her pictures getting so many likes after the short conversation.

With that said it shows that Nicole can not take criticism by even slightest amount and she will no be happy unless you fully agree and have the same exact mindset as her. Nicole LaRose needs to learn on how to appreciate not only what she does, but more importantly her fans.



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