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NYSS Theories: Did Paul McCartney Die In 1966?

Beatles singer Paul McCartney is dead, well he has been dead, since 1966...Here's why.

On November 9, 1966 an argument occurred during a Beatles recording session and Paul McCartney stormed out and sped out with his car only to be decapitated in an car accident when he lost control of his car at 5’O clock. The UK security service mi5 strictly advised the Beatles to find a replacement for the now dead paul as mi5 feared that if the word got out about Paul's death there would be mass hysteria among Beatles fans leading to civil unrest and possible mass suicides as this was the height of Beatle-mania. The band held a Paul McCartney look alike contest and the winner was a Scottish orphan named William Shears Campbell A.K.A Billy Shears.

After undergoing plastic surgery he was taught by the Beatles on how to sing and act like Paul and this was very easy as the Beatles retired from touring and were all set to release their new album SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles were so overwhelmed by guilt they left clues to Paul's death in their songs and albums in hidden messages.

SGT Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

SGT Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released on May 26,1967 a full 198 days since Paul McCartney's death and the album itself holds so many hidden messages.

On the album cover we see all 4 Beatles standing over a freshly dug grave as the Beatles represent Paul barriers and in front of the grave is a left handed guitar, Paul McCartney was the only left - handed guitar player in the band, Paul McCartney is also holding a black instrument that resembles death, he is holding it with 3 fingers showing that there is only 3 Beatles left. There is also a hand being held in front of his head which means death and the final thing on the front cover of the Album is a doll holding a model car which resembles Paul McCartney's car. If you place a mirror on the Lonely Hearts Club Band Drum it reads 1 ONE X HE DIE.

On the back of the SGT. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Album Paul has his back facing at us showing an imposter or death and Beatles member George Harrison’s hand is pointing at the words from the song “She’s Leaving Home” the words read “Wednesday Morning at 5’O Clock” the date and time Paul died, also on cover Paul has a O.P.D patch on him O.P.D is the British version of America’s D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) O.P.D stands for Officially Pronounced Dead.

In the song “A Day In The Life” a line from the song says “He Blew His Mind Out In A Car, He Didn't Notice That The Lights Had Change” it also says “A Crowd Of People Stood And Starred They’d seen his face before” That shows that Paul McCartney did not notice the light changed and he ran it, crashing, decapitating his head, which led to “He Blew His Mind Out In A Car” and the lyrics “A Crowd Of people Stood And Starred They’d Seen His Face Before” That shows that people had seen the crash but could not make out the famous familiar face due to all the gore from the decapitation. At the end of the song "Strawberry Fields Forever" You can clearly hear the voice of John Lennon saying "I buried Paul".

Magical Mystery Tour

On the front cover of Magical Mystery Tour Paul is in a black suit in a crucifixion pose. If you flip the numbers over, a number appears on “The Beatles” the number is 2317438 with no area code, if you called the number in the 60s and 70s you would hear a message saying “You’re getting closer."

Turn Me On Dead Man/Revolution 9

On the White Album is Revolution 9 it starts off with McCartney saying “Number 9” repeatedly, played backwards you hear “Turn Me On Dead Man” in what is a very creepy distant voice

I'm So Tired

Also on the Beatles White Album is the song “I'm So Tired” when played normally at the end John Lennon is speaking gibberish, but if played backwards John says “Paul Is Dead Man! Miss him, Miss him, Miss him!"

All Together Now

In The Beatles song All Together Now a part of the song says out when played backwards “I Buried Paul”

Blue Jay Way

Blue Jay Way is not the most popular Beatles song, but when played backwards you hear something rather disturbing, when played backwards you hear what sounds like John Lennon saying “Paul is bloody, Paul Is Bloody, Paul Is Bloody, Paul is Terribly Bloody, Paul Is Bloody, Paul Is Bloody, Paul is Terribly Bloody, Paul is Bloody, Paul is one one one” (Refers to SGT. Pepper drum when a mirror goes up against to showing 3 beetles left) Paul is 1 one 1.

Abbey Road

On the cover of one of the Beatles final albums, Abbey Road you see all 4 Beatles walking away from what looks like a cemetery

John Lennon leads dressed in all white with his Jesus-Like hair.

Ringo is the Undertaker.

Paul walks barefoot resembling a corpse with a cigarette in his right hand.

George is the Grave Digger.

A Volkswagen Beetle in the background had a license plate that reads LMW 28IF (Linda McCartney Weeps), Paul's first wife and 28IF showing that Paul would be 28 by time the album would have come out.

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