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Are The Brooklyn Nets A "Fake Contender?"

Updated: May 17, 2023

The Brooklyn Nets currently sit 39-19 in the win loss column, second in the Eastern Conference just a half of a game back on the Philadelphia 76ers. The Nest have been hot all season long with the super star team they have built. When you look at the roster it seems like something straight out of NBA2K as they have so many soon to be hall of famers, that they acquired via trade or free agency signing.

With that said the Brooklyn Nets are almost guaranteed a spot in the finals, right? Overall, yes, with the team they have they seem unstoppable, but every time they play against another big contender team they seem to fall and blow the game. The Nets have great players, but it seems that they cannot handle a "big game scenario". The Nets have been able to put up the points though as Kyrie Irving leads the team in scoring with about 27 points per game, he also leads the team in assists as well, averaging 6 per game.

Nets fan are expecting big things this season, will they not be lived up to? The Nets continue to show that they can only beat the 'little teams', the playoffs are coming up soon and the Nets have a lot to prove.

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