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Are The Yankees No Longer The Dominant Team?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Yankees have been swept by the Tampa Bay Rays, with that the Yankees are 5-10 in the win loss column, 5 games below the .500 win percentage mark. This also marks the first time since 1998 that the Yankees single handedly hold the worst record in the American league. Now we all know what happened in 1998, but with the way the pinstripes are playing they will be lucky to get to 62 wins as nothing is going for them. The Yankees have been preforming so bad and the players have gotten so much hate for it, it actually led Jay Bruce to retire after todays game, leaving a 14 year career, Bruce had .118/.231/.235 splits though 10 games played.

As said before, nothing is going for the Yankees as the team ranks almost last in everything, both offensively and defensively in the MLB. Many fans are blame Yankees manager Aaron Boone for the poor performance by the Yankees, Boone is in his third season being the manager for the team, overall he has 241-158 win loss record and so far for the two full seasons he has done, he has been able to get the Yankees to the playoffs. You cannot blame it fully on Boone, no matter how good a manager is if the team can't hit, then they will not get hits.

No player on the Yankees have played in all 15 games, several have played in 13 of the games though. One of those players being DJ LeMahieu who is currently batting .288. Overall though two players hold the highest batting average right now, those players being Kyle Higashioka and Tyler Wade, both of those players though have not even played 10 games though.

If the Yankees want to get out of this slump and go back to being over .500 they have to stop swinging for the fences as it seems every at-bat they are aiming for a home run instead of base hit. When you are down 7-2 with no one on base, a home run will not get you back into the game. The Yankees have also done a terrible job playing defense as they struggle to make the simplest plays, they need to get their head in the game.

You also have to look at pitching, the yankees pitchers have been so far away from par it is laughable. At the rate they are going the bullpen will be burned out by the All Star Break. You cannot have a group of guys coming off of arm injuries and expect them to go lights out, so far Gerrit Cole is the only consistent pitcher in the rotation with a 2-0 win loss record though 3 games played and a 1.47 ERA.

The Yankees still have over 140 games left, so they have more then enough time, but time runs out fast when you're behind.

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