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Knicks Clinch Playoff Spot For First Time Since 2013

Updated: May 17, 2023

Just over a year ago I wrote an article on how the New York Knicks were some 15 plus games below the .500 win percentage mark, now they have won almost double the amount of games and they are the fourth team to beat in the Eastern Conference. With just several games to go in this NBA regular season the Knicks sit with a 38-31 win/loss record, a nice seven games above .500%. Overall though the Knicks have not had an easy season, they have fraught hard to get to where they are. When the all-star break ended the Knicks started out as one of the worst teams, going on one of the bigger losing streaks we have seen in this NBA season. The Knicks quickly followed that by going on a massive winning streak, becoming one of the best teams in the NBA, at one point they were 13-1 for their last 14 played.

Now with just three games left the Knicks are gearing up for playoff basketball for the first time since the 2012/13 season. The Knicks are led by star player Julius Randle who averages 24 points per game and RJ Barrett who is like peanut butter to Randle's jelly as the pair were meant to be teammates. Derrick Rose joined the squad late via trade from the Detroit , but he was used to playing in MSG before as he was on the team just a few years back. The youngest MVP in NBA seems to be fully back as his biggest point game this season with NYK was 25 points and may I add that he does all of this off the bench in fewer minutes.

The Knicks have shown that they can compete against the 'bigger' teams such as the Brooklyn Nets and the Denver Nuggets, they have not won every single game, but they have been competitive. The Knicks have had a successful season, even if they exit in the first round the accomplishments they have acquired this year is truly something amazing

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