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Knicks continue to Disappoint

Updated: May 17, 2023

No one expected the New York Knicks to do good this year, many including me are expecting a 33 or 35 win season. That may not even happen, the Knicks have a 11-30 record. As much as I hate to say it, they just don't have any talent on their team and that's coming from a knicks fan. The Knicks still have a long season ahead but it doesn't seem promising as you can expect them to get blown out against any team, no matter how good or how bad.

With the rate of how the knicks are going i'm expecting a win record anywhere from a 20-23 games this season. The Knicks have some of the worst stats in the NBA, their top scorer cant even average 20 points per game. Its a dumpster fire right now in MSG.

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Jada Redfearn
Jada Redfearn
Jan 15, 2020

omg i like how consertative you ARE!

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