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Are The New York Knicks 'Serious' Playoff Contenders?

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Knicks are playing the best basketball since the 2012/13 NBA season as they are currently 37-28, giving them 4th in the Eastern Conference standings. With that said it is clear to say that they are contenders as they have secured at least a play in spot based off of their win/loss record and the number of games left. Overall though the Knicks have been up and down this entire season as they have both gone on long losing streaks and long winning streak, their longest winning streak being nine games.

We have seen the Knicks contend when they have gone up against the powerhouse teams such as the 76ers, Clippers and cross town rivals, the Brooklyn Nets. The Knicks have lost the majority of the games played against those teams, but for the entire span of play the Knicks have been able to contend till the very end and I also wanna add that they only lose by about five points on average, that's only a three pointer and a layup when you think about it. The New York Knicks are at the butt end of their season, but it will also be the hardest part as they will be playing against some of the best teams in the NBA. The final handful of games will truly show how the Knicks will preform in the playoffs.


@ Denver

@ Suns

@ L. A. Clippers

@ L. A Lakers

vs San Antonio

vs Hornets

vs Celtics

The New York Knicks have a great team and no matter how the rest of this season goes the Knicks have shown that they are back and that they can win (a lot) The New Knicks have almost double the wins from last year, no doubt is that progression and I wanna add that the Knicks have been one of the best teams since the all star break.

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