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What The Knicks Need To Do Before Trade Deadline

Updated: May 17, 2023

The New York Knicks currently sit at .500 in the Win Percentage column (WP%) with a 19-19 Win Loss record. We have not seen them this good since 2013. The last time the Knicks Finished their season in the playoffs was back in 2013 where they went 54-28, that was the last time they had a "strong" season. The Knicks have played 38 games, they have 34 left of the season, with that said seeing how they have done this season the New York Sports Show is projecting the Knicks to win around 15 more games, which would give them a 34-38 win loss record. It seems that every time the Knicks go to .500 or go a win above it they have a mini losing streak and I think that is what will keep them under .500 on the season.

The Knicks have some of the most talented and up n' coming players as their top scorer, all star player Julius Randle averages about 22 points per game. The Knicks top 5 scorers consist of

Julius Randle - 22PPG

RJ Barrett - 16PPG

Elfrid Payton - 12PPG

Derrick Rose - 12PPG

Immanuel Quickley - 12PPG

The biggest thing facing the Knicks leading to their possible downfall is the Starting Line Up. We have seen several players start games this season who do not belong in the SL as the talented players sit on the bench. One of those players is Nerlens Noel, in 33 games played he has started 11 of them averaging 22 minutes and he only gets about 4 points per game, which is horrible. As he is sucking you have a guy like Immanuel Quickley who has come off the bench in all 34 games he has played, averaging 12 points per game.

The NYSS has provided a fix to the Knicks, here it is.

New York TRADES Frank Ntikina and Taj Gibson to the Hornets for Guard Terry Rozier

New York RELEASES Theo Pinson and sign unrestricted free agent LiAngelo Ball

New York SENDS Nerlens Noel to the G-League

New York makes their STARTING 5 / Randle - Barrett - Payton - Rose - Quickley

New York makes their bench order / Burks - Rozier - Toppin - Ball - Knox - Bullock - Harper - Brazdeikis - Rivers - Robinson (when he gets back from IL, then make him #6 OVR / #1 on Bench and move everyone down one)

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Jaden Gatson
Jaden Gatson
Mar 12, 2021

That's right. Good thing with Knicks have to do. Agree!

- Jaden Gatson (The #1 Sports Team with coverage)

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