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Is The Rise Of A YouTube-Based New York Sports Podcast Threatening WFAN's Dominance?

New York Sports Show covers every major New York sports team and could be giving WFAN their first actual competition on YouTube since the channel was created in May of 2018.

WFAN is the widely acclaimed New York-based radio talk show. The original WFAN was launched in July of 1987, becoming the world's first radio station to adopt the sports radio format around-the-clock. WFAN has thousands, possibly even millions tune their radio to listen on a daily basis – notice how I said radio. 

The New York Sports Show was founded by Dominic Konareski and had their first air date in June of 2018, on YouTube.

New York Sports Show, commonly known as NYSS, produces video content on a daily basis in video podcast form that’s meant to be short-and-sweet with getting to the point / topic right away. 

Unlike WFAN’s YouTube debut, the NYSS started from nothing except a dream that Dominic had while recording sports talk videos on a phone that was propped up on a guitar stand in his bedroom; Now, the NYSS has its own recording studio.

WFAN was actually one of the reasons Dominic was inspired to create the NYSS, saying: “I’ve always listened to The Fan and still do on an almost daily basis. That radio station is one of the best and I have the utmost respect for the station and those who work there."

Konareski also added: “I also have to say the same about my NYSS [being one of the best] as we are in close proximity when it comes to YouTube-based stats. The New York Sports Show is one of the most popular YouTube-based all-New York sports talk shows.”

Just like WFAN, the NYSS has fan call-ins with athletes also making appearances for interviews. The stark difference between the two channels is video length as WFAN frequently goes above 20 minutes as the NYSS is below 5 minutes.

The NYSS has grown faster and bigger than WFAN in the same time slot going back to February of 2022. The NYSS has gained about a +10% more of a following than WFAN has garnered, with the highest percentage being +205%. Yes, the NYSS once gained 205% more subscribers on YouTube than WFAN at one point.

According to Social Blade, the NYSS has also gained about 100 more subscribers in the last 30 days than WFAN (as of 2/14/24).

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