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Is Brooklyn Nets Star Kevin Durant The Father Of Lana Rhoades Baby?

Brooklyn Nets NBA star Kevin Durant may have had the wrong balls dribbled as he now may be the father of Porn Star Lana Rhoades baby. The rumor all started shortly after Rhoades and popular YouTuber Mike Majlak broke up after months of being together, which then led to a pregnancy announcement just several weeks later. Majlak quickly said that he’s not the father and ran off into silence as Rhoades appeared on her latest podcast episode that a player from the Nets invited her to a game. Once she said that, despite not revealing who the player was, we still saw rumors surge as she hinted by saying that the player brought a backup date. Bringing a backup date was something that Durant has done before, a true player both on and off the court. Rhoades also said that the player was a Libra and Durant is the only Libra on the team as speculation sored.

Now just because she went on a date with Durant does not mean they did anything that would wind up in a pregnancy. To also back down the Durant baby daddy claim is the fact that Lana said that he was boring, which led to her leaving early on the date.

Rhoades, 25, gave birth early January to a baby boy named Milo and good friend Logan Paul came to the defense after many claims saying that the baby would be bullied through life. Paul stated “Let me tell you something, if they knew who that kid’s dad was, let me tell you something, that fu*king kid ain’t getting bullied.” At this point it’s obvious that both of them know who the father is and based on the response it’s someone with a lot of money and a big influence as Majlak added that the kid will be flying on private jets along with many other private things that can only be obtained through money.

At the end of the day people should let Rhoades have her privacy and let her live her life as she is now a mother. We may find out one day who the dad is, but for now, Kevin Durant you are NOT the father.

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