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Geno Smith Gets Arrested For DUI; Proceeds to Roast Cops

Updated: May 17, 2023

Former New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith was pulled over early Monday morning by the Washington State Police. The stop occurred around 2 AM Monday morning just hours after the Seattle Seahawks beat the Arziona Cardinals 38-30 in an NFL Week 18 game. The police stopped Smith as he was clocked doing 96 in a 60mph zone while driving erratically and well here is how the stop went from a police report, one of the officers wrote in the docs, "I joked with him about how my wife thinks I work too much. Somehow he said that's because 'you have a little d.'"

"I said, wow, maybe that is the problem, then he said you have a little d, 'you have little d* syndrome.'"

"I'll f*** every one of y'all up," one officer says Smith told them. Another officer said Smith told them, "you don't want to see me out of these cuffs, you don't want to know what will happen." Officers say they eventually had to put restraints on Smith's arms and legs in order to take his blood … and claim the entire time Smith said, "that we were going to regret this and that we would all be famous for this."

The charges that Smith has to his name are bad, but we all know that Geno Smith is not the best at decision making and makes a lot of bad ones, even if you don’t include the fact that he has thrown more NFL interceptions than touchdowns.

Threatening to beat up cops while in police custody for a DUI charge is never a good look, now add to that saying that one of them has a little di*k and folks you are now a certified jackass. Now maybe the cop does have a tiny penis and suffers from ‘Little Di*k Syndrome’ (LDS for short.) At the end of the day it is between that man and his wife, even if the cop did show a textbook case of LDS you just can’t say those things.

I wish Geno the best in this legal case, maybe he can actually win something in his life if he decides to fight charges in court. Smith was only on a one year $895k contract with the Seahawks and is set to be a free agent this offseason, most likely this event lowered his contract value but he is expected to sign with a team. Smith had 702 yard from 65 completions in 95 attempts, I also want to add that Geno Smith had a higher speed on his car (96mph) than how many times he actually got to throw a football this season (95pa.) Maybe he should focus on his football career.

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