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Buffalo Out Of Playoffs After Thrilling Overtime Loss

Updated: May 17, 2023

After 19 weeks the Buffalo Bills 2021-22 run is over as they are now eliminated from the playoffs. The Bills faced the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead on Sunday, January 24th for the AFC Divisional round, overall the second round of the playoffs. Throughout the game we saw neck-to-neck play as the clock ticked down, but nothing will ever compare to the final three minutes of the game as we saw three lead changes with the Chiefs kicking a game tying field goal in the last four seconds.

Folks it was a true defensive breakdown from both sides as we entered overtime with 28 total points from the fourth quarter alone. Going into OT it seemed at this point that whoever won the coin toss would go on to win the game, the Chiefs won. Kansas City made very quick work and scored a touchdown on their first drive to win the game, Buffalo’s offense never even touched the ball in OT. With that said the Chiefs will advance to the AFC Championship round where they will face the Bengals.

Despite it being one of the worst defensive games in NFL playoff history, it was also one of the most impressive offensive games and that goes for both sides. Bills QB Josh Allen had 4 touchdowns as he went 27-37 passing with 329 yards. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw 3 TDs but went 33-44 passing for 378 yards. Both teams went above 100 yards rushing to combine for 291 rushing yards. The Bills fought hard, but will now have to wait until 2023 to hold the Super Bowl trophy.

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