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Klay Thompson Goes Full Goat in Warriors Return

Klay Thompson is back as he drops 17 in his return after taking a 941 day vacation. So, going back to June of 2019 Klay Thompson was in the NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors where he tore his ACL. Despite the tear Klay Thompson still stayed in the game to make two free throws, he made both of them. Later on in rehab Thompson ended up injuring his Achilles in a pickup basketball game, which would prolong this outage and make him miss the entire 2020-2021 season. Now Thompson is back as he made his decade debut at the Warriors Chase Center against the Cleveland Cavaliers and their 22-17 record, Golden State entered 29-9.

Thompson was in the starting five and made the first bucket of the game via a running layup. Klay would play in 4-5 minute stints which would add up to 20 minutes, in those 20 Klay would drop 17 points. Folks almost a point per minute from Klay gave the Warriors a 96-82 victory for their 30th win of the season. Thompson went 7 for 18 shooting and 3 for 8 from downtown, a frankly dominating performance from a guy who has not played in an NBA game in over 900 days.

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