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He Had A 7 for 7 Game In College With Six Homers, But Never Hit A Home Run In The MLB

In 1999 a Florida State Second baseman named Marshall McDougall would make NCAA baseball history. In a game against Maryland McDougall would be responsible for 16 RBIs in what was a 26-2 blowout win. McDougall would have a 7 for 7 ballgame where six of those seven hits were for home runs. In the game Marshall McDougal would bat in all but two innings with his day starting out with a base hit into left field, he would then follow it up with a solo home run, 3 run homer, 2 run home run, another three shot, a grand slam and one more three run home run. Overall Marshall McDougall sported a .419 batting average with 106 RBIs and 28 home runs and that was only his Junior season in the year of 1999.

Marshall McDougall would be drafted in the 9th round of the 2000 draft by the Oakland Athletics after rejecting previous draft acquires by the Chicago White Sox in the 41st round of the 1996 draft followed the New York Yankees in the 37th round of the 1997 draft and the Boston Red Sox in the 26th round of the 1999 draft.

Marshall McDougall would play several seasons in the minors before his call up on June 7th, 2005 to play for the Texas Rangers, being acquired by them in the 2002 Rule 5 Draft. McDougall would last only 18-games with the team that 2005 season, with a .167 batting average he had 3 hits in 18 at-bats and 10 strikeouts, not a single one of those hits was a home run. Those 18-games in the majors was all she wrote for the ballplayer as he would never get the call up to the show again.

Marshall McDougall would continue his baseball career in the minors along with foreign leagues until he retired after the 2012 season. McDougall’s stats in a total of 1,284 games played featured splits of .286/.352/.465 with 1,386 hits followed by 174 home runs and 836 RBIs.

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