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Abuhatab Gets Athlete of the Month After Dominant December Run

West Haven Blue Devils Girls Basketball starter Amani Abuhatab got SCC Athlete of the Month honors as it was announced yesterday. Abuhatab picked up right where she left off last season as she went All State in what was her sophomore year. The junior put up 18 points per game along with 12 rebounds to help lead West Haven to what is currently an undefeated record. One of the biggest things to Amani's play is her defense as she has notched up 8 steals per game and then goes and puts up total domination from mid-range offensively. Amani has a total of 54 points scored this season, only 9 of those 54 have been from downtown overall, about 16.7% of her points have been from downtown.

The New York Sports Show had a true honor yesterday to interview Amani before the Blue Devils practice

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