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One of The Worst Quarterbacks Is Also a Money Making Machine

Updated: May 17, 2023

Mike Glennon is one of the worst Quarterbacks in NFL history, he is also the smartest. Glennon has a 6-25-0 record amongst six different teams, not winning since the 2017 season where he went 1-3-0 with the Chicago Bears. Despite the losing record Glennon has made over $25M in his career with the most money coming in his Bear days where he racked up $18.5M, he was only on the team for one season. For a QB who only has a single win since 2014 he sure knows how to keep getting on teams and bringing home the dough, only if he could bring home the win. Glennon is producing below average football that would not even get him by in the XFL, but due to a solid career completion percentage of 60% and having more touchdowns to interceptions it makes him a somewhat respectable backup on any NFL team.

Going into week 18 of the 2021-22 NFL season Glennon has a 0-4-0 record with the New York Giants, who are currently paying him $1.35M as a backup filling in for the injured Daniel Jones. Glennon is projected to get the start against Washington in the final week as the Giants look to end their season on a winning note.

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