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Florida Man Throws Temper Tantrum on Live National TV and Gets Fired

Folks we’ve all seen the video at this point, Antonio Brown basically said screw this crap I’m out. It was the 3rd Quarter of Sunday’s Jets v Buccaneers game for NFL Week 17 and the Jets were pulling off a major upset on the 11-4 Bucs‘. With a Jet 24-10 lead Antonio Brown was instructed by Coach Bruce Arians to get on the field not once, but twice and both times he did not, he was then told to leave. Brown then took off his jersey and pads, walked several feet, threw his undershirt into the crowd, proceeded to do jumping jacks in the end zone as the game was going on and then walked into the dark tunnel all alone. It was later revealed that MetLife Stadium security thought that Brown was a jumper from the stands who ran on the field and that when entering the tunnel he stopped and asked a state tro for a ride to the airport, he was declined. Brown did not join the team on their private flight mainly due to the fact that he was no longer part of the team.

In the postgame press conference it was announced by Arians that Brown was no longer a “Buc.” It is unclear what led Brown to such a downfall in a matter of minutes as his career takes another huge blow due to a controversial thing he did. This is also a costly mistake for Brown as he will lose over $1M in bonuses that he could have earned this season. Antonio Brown is now an NFL Free Agent as we enter the final week of the 2021-22 regular season, no team is expected to pick him up this season and offseason. Most likely we saw Antonio Brown play his final NFL game and it was in New York.

For those who have not seen the video here is the link -

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