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West Haven Loses to NDF In a Heart Pounder

The West Haven Blue Devils faced the Notre Dame-Fairfield Lancers last night for their fourth game of the season. The team entered play looking for their first win of the season as they sat 0-3, this was their second away game of the season. The Blue Devils played close hockey all game long starting early in the first period where both teams were tied 2-2 going into the intermission. The Devils would strike in the second via an Anthony Peschell goal, despite the goal both teams remained tied 3-3 at the end of the second. By games end it would be the Lancers on top 4-3 to grab their first home win of the season, scoring the game winner with about a minute twenty left of regulation. With this loss West Haven will drop to 0-4 as NDF improves to a 2-4 record.

Goals scored by West Haven were by Mike Alfano (1) along with Ryan Bernardi (1) and Anthony Peschell (1) as upperclassmen came out full force tonight with assists by DJ Carfora (2) along with Nico Bruneau (1) in last night’s game. Starting goalie Javed Ullah had a total of 25 saves, with that said the sophomore who only has five games where he notched a save hit and surpassed 100 career saves last night as he now has 112 on the season and 117 in his career. West Haven has a very bright future ahead of them and that includes this season. The biggest thing is that frankly this is a young team with its third goalie in three years, as time goes they players will adjust more and more to each other's playing style and lead the team to wins, West Haven is still projected to win over 10 games this season.

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