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Zach Wilson's Jets' Fate On The Line With Eagles Matchup Being Ultimate Decider

This Sunday’s Week 6 matchup between the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles will ultimately decide Zach Wilson’s fate with the Jets, and possibly decide the fate of his career.

With Justin Jefferson going on the IR and Kirk Cousins being available for trade after giving the Vikings a very tough 1-4 start, puts New York in a potential trade scenario. Not to mention in-house options with Tim Boyle and Trevor Siemian, the Jets could see a QB change if Wilson looks bad.

New York faces the 5-0 standing Eagles, a team that comes in undefeated and took a trip to the Super Bowl last season. Not to mention Philly is 12-0 vs the Jets.

This is the Jets final game before their Week 7 bye. If Zach Wilson collapses vs the Eagles then it will be an extremely long two weeks that could prove to be the end of the former first-rounder.

Conversely, if Zach balls out and has a great QBR game along with securing the win, he will then secure his spot as the Jets current and future post-Aaron Rodgers starter.

Zach Wilson has played the best football of his career over the past two weeks. Over his last two games, a 2-1 TD-INT ratio shows with a 72.3% pass completion for 444 yards. Wilson’s QBR stands at 94.6 over that span and the Jets are 1-1.

New York drafted Wilson at second-overall to go out and win playoff games. He now has a chance to beat a championship contender and put the Jets’ name back in AFC playoff talk.

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