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Stats Don't Lie On Giants' $41 Million Dollar QB

Stats don’t lie, and for Daniel Jones’ stats an ugly truth is revealed.

Daniel Jones is the New York Giants’ $41-million dollar man, he led the team to a 9-6-1 record last season and an upset playoff win. Jones also entered the 2022/23 season being labeled a bust; but it seems that all was forgotten because of one good season that happened to occur during a contract year. Jones even earned Comeback Player of the Year votes because he was so awful the previous three seasons.

Let me also remind you that 2022/23 was Jones’ first winning season of his career and all major stat categories reached career highs.

That season now feels like a blur: the Giants are 1-4 and Jones is once again dealing with neck pain. Oh yea, he is also on pace for 27 turnovers.

Looking at New York Giants QB career records since 1979 (min. 50 starts), it painfully shows just how bad Daniel Jones has been.

Phil Simms 95-64 (.597)

Kerry Collins 35-33 (.515)

Eli Manning 117-117 (.500)

Dave Brown 23-30 (.439)

Daniel Jones 22-35-1 (.381)

It’s not a good look at all for Daniel Jones, his winning-percentage is the equivalent to a batting average in baseball, that’s just how low it is.

I want D.J. to do good, but as of now it’s looking like he will be one of those ‘one year wonder QBs’ in the league.

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