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Will Games Be Missed Due To The MLB Lockout?

The MLB is still on the lockout side of things and it looks like it will stay that way for a while more. The MLB lockout went into effect in December of 2021 and now we are here in late January of 2022 with Spring Training just several weeks away. Both sides do not seem any closer to a deal than they were when the lockout first took place as this continues to look more and more like the previous lockout/strike in the 1990s where an entire season was missed. More than likely a majority if not all of Spring Training will be missed and the start to the MLB regular season is under threat of games canceled or postponed. Despite the MLBPA not closing in with a deal the players do not seem bothered by the fact that they will most likely miss playing time. The biggest thing that would accelerate a deal with the players and the owners is when the players will not make any money due to games being canceled.

We saw players forced to work in grocery stores and normal jobs during the last lockout due to not making any money, overall though the owners will also lose money because of no fans in the stadiums due to games not being played. We will most likely see a deal in time for the 2022 season to play regular season games, but just like the COVID season there will also be limited games to be played to finish the season on time.

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