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Will 6-Foot-8 Barron Trump Play College Basketball In 2025?

Barron Trump is the youngest son of former U.S. President and current Donald Trump. Though being kept out of the media spotlight compared to his siblings and parents; Trump has had his moments with the most recent attention showcasing his height of 6-foot-8.

It is believed that the 17-year-old will graduate from high school in the spring and attend college in the Fall of 2024. The graduation year and expected college erollment lines him up to be eligible for the 2024/25 NCAA basketball season.

So, is there a chance we ever see the younger Trump playing college basketball? Technically yes, he could play -- but will he?

As of now there is very little known about Barron, his life, and his interests -- not to mention if he plays any sports whatsoever.

Undoubtedly though his height makes him a prime candidate to be a starting Power Forward and possibly even a second rotation Center on any NCAA team.

Not to mention Barron Trump is part Slovenian, due to his mother’s side of the family.

6-foot-8 AND part Slavic – He is already basically guaranteed a spot in the NBA. 

The amount of NBA stars that have come from Slovenia is astounding. Among many are the likes of Goran Dragic, Luka Doncic and Bostjan Nachbar.

An SiLive article published in 2023, highlighted Barron’s possible dive into college basketball. The article showcased that sportsbook Bovada has gambling odds of where Trump could possibly land in the college basketball world and even in the NBA. 

The betting page for Trump was unfindable when we checked, but according to SiLive, Barron had (+300) to join either St. John’s or Miami for college and (+200) to be drafted by the New York Knicks. 

More-than-likely we will never see Barron Trump play college basketball, but it’s a fun mini take to look at knowing he definitely has the potential based on his staggering height. 

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