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Why Brooklyn Should Pursue Yuta Watanabe In Free Agency

Updated: May 18, 2023

Yuta Watanabe just had his best shooting season in basketball as he approaches free agency.

Playing an average of 16 minutes per game at the Small forward position, Watanabe posted a .491 FG% in 58 games with the Brooklyn Nets. He also posted 2.5 TRBs and 0.8 AST with a .723 FT%.

Watanabe is ranked at 60 out of 226 ranked free agents. He was able to produce solid production off the bench and saw a jump in almost every stat category last season.

The Brooklyn Nets should definitely try to keep Watanabe. A free agent signing would be inexpensive compared to other rotation players on the market. Last season Watanabe brought in a paycheck of just $1,968,175 in what was his maiden season with Brooklyn.

When it comes to Watanabe’s game, the biggest factor he presents is intense amounts of energy. He brings energy throughout his entire time on the court no matter the situation.

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