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Who Was the Best New York Sport Team in 2021?

Updated: May 17, 2023

It is now 2022 as the big ball in New York dropped when the clock struck 12amEST. Overall, even though it is a new day and a new year we still have the same sports teams and players. When it comes to full regular season play fans saw New York teams go 380-344 win the win-loss column with the New York Yankees winning the most games for the state as they had 92 wins. Despite the Yankees 92-win season in the MLB that does not mean that they were the true top New York team, this is mainly due to the fact that all 12 of New York’s sport teams play a different number of regular season games depending on what league the teams reside in. On average for regular season play we see about 75 games between all the teams combined and divided (DISCLAIMER: This stat counts for full regular season schedules.)

With that said, when you divide each team’s win-loss record by 75 and then multiply by 12 you get the most accurate number possible. The least winningest team if there was a 75-game season would be the New York Jets as they only stood for 3 wins, one win more than their 2020/21 season where they only won twice and had a 2-14 record. The middle team in the pack is the Buffalo Sabres who placed 6th as in the regular season they had a 15-34 record, which translates to 24 wins. Overall, the NBA ruled New York as the Knicks stood second with 56 wins and the Brooklyn Nets showing up with 68.

The Brooklyn Nets was the best New York team in 2021, placing with a 48-24 record to translate to 68 wins. The Nets had the big three of Kevin Durant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving who led the team deep into the NBA playoffs.


Nets 68

Knicks 56

Islanders 51

Yankees 47

Rangers 32

Sabres 24

Mets 23


Bills 20

Red Bulls 20

Giants 9

Jets 3


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