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West Haven Ranked Inside Top 5 For Undefeated Teams Going Into Week 8

There are currently 12-teams in Connecticut High School football who are undefeated through seven weeks of football across five of the six divisions. When it comes to the class LL division it is the West Haven Blue Devils who hold the first place spot over Southington, both teams are undefeated at 6-0. Hamden is also undefeated in the LL class, but they are ranked 4th in the standings behind the 5-1 Greenwich team.

The standings for CTHS football is based off of a point system that goes off the strength of the respective team(s) schedule. West Haven has 915-points over Southington's 890 and Hamden's 830-points, but when it comes to ranking the undefeated teams based off of their points the story is a little different.

Barlow high school holds the top spot in CTHSF for points with 975, they are 6-0 on the season. Windham ranks second with 960-points, making two out of the five undefeated class SS teams inside of the top three. West Haven ranks fourth with their 915-points, 50-points behind Barlow. The Blue Devils squad is the only team from the LL division to be ranked inside the top five.


1st- Barlow 6-0, 975

2nd- Windham 6-0, 960, -15

3rd- Berlin 6-0, 945, -30

4th- West Haven 6-0, 915, -50

5th- Ansonia 6-0, 915, -50

6th- Southington 6-0, 890, -85

7th- New Canaan 6-0, 875, -100

8th- Crom/Port. 6-0, 870, -105

9th- Foran 6-0, 870, -105

10th- Maloney 6-0, 840, -135

11th- Hamden 6-0, 830, -145

12th- Valley/Ol 5-0, 700, -275

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