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West Haven Drops Multiple Positions In Class LL Standings Despite Remaining Undefeated At 7-0

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The West Haven Blue Devils are 7-0 heading into week 9 after a blowout 53-0 win on the road against Sheehan. The seven game winning streak puts West Haven tied for their 2021 season winning streak of seven games; they went 8-2 last season.

This is a team that has split the ground and air game as Blue Devils Running back Deven Robinson has been a nonstop force on the field with double digit touchdowns. QB1 Nick Conlan airs out quick passes to his receivers, as his success continues in what is only his sophomore season.

Despite the undefeated 7-0 record, West Haven has lost their first place standing in the Class LL standings. The Blue Devils led the division for multiple weeks until the end of the Friday night game against Sheehan. Despite the win, West Haven falls from first place to third place in the standings post-Sheehan game as they now trail the undefeated Southington team and the 6-1 Greenwich squad. This is due to the schedule strength points system which dictates the standings. West Haven 1100-points, just five points off of Southington’s 1105-points.

Those five points decide first from third, making the three remaining games for West Haven so much more important when it comes to home field playoff advantage.


1- Southington | 7-0 | 1105pts

2- Greenwich | 6-1 | 1105pts

3- West Haven | 7-0 | 1100pts

4- Hamden | 7-0 | 980pts

5- Staples | 6-1 | 945pts

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