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The XFL And USFL Provide Some Of The Best Football We've Seen

The XFL is finishing up their third try at a season as the USFL is starting up its second consecutive season.

Overall due to these leagues we now have football all year long. Both the XFL and USFL provide alternate football options, they have different teams, rules and schedule length, but more importantly players. We have seen some 'NFL busts' dish out in these leagues showing their worth. Also seeing players that were drafted in the late rounds or not even drafted at all have success is such a great thing and goes to show just how much talent there is out in the football world and just how competitive the NFL is.

Though it may not be the NFL, these two leagues can be much bigger one day and produce way better football in my opinion than the NFL has the past several years.

One thing I have seen many fan say is that they want the XFL champion and the USFL champion to play each-other with the winner of that game face the Super Bowl champion of the NFL. Though it is a very good idea and would provide tons of money generated in ticket sales and be must watch tv, it just isn't realistic overall. A playoff series like that would not be possible due to how far the leagues end time(s) are along with teams not wanting to risk injuries to star players in what would most likely be a preseason-like game.

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