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The New York Knicks Biggest Factor To Their Sub .500% Record

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Knicks continue to struggle in 2022, as a 109-103 loss vs the Bucks shape them to a 10-12 record. That record puts New York 10th in the Eastern Conference, eight games back off the first place Boston Celtics.

New York is led by Julius Randle and Jalen Brunson, the only two players who have 20 or more points-per-game. In fact only three total players on the New York squad have double-digit PPG, RJ Barrett is the third with 18.8 PPG.

The biggest problem this season hasn’t been offensive despite the lack of players in that double PPG range. The factor to the sub .500 record is the defense not being able to hold leads or be consistent throughout the game(s).

The Knicks could easily be at 15 wins, but due to the defensive collapse in games they are below .500%. The defensive problem seems to be more of a chemistry issue with the team as the players look lethargic and selfish on the court. A better balance of minutes and a team meeting could quite possibly be the only factors leading to a positive change.

The team could turn things around and make a run at the top five in the Eastern Conference. It is just a matter of time and that gap is closing every game for the New York Knicks

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