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The New York Knicks Are The Hottest Team In The East

Updated: May 18

The New York Knicks are currently the hottest team in the Eastern Conference, as there seems to be no weak points within the team. The Knicks are on a four-game winning streak, they are currently the only Eastern team with a win streak of three or more games.

New York sits sixth in the standings with a 22-18 record after a 112-108 win against the Toronto Raptors last night, it was their first win in Canada since 2015.

The team is being led by 28-year-old Julius Randle and his 24.2 PPG, the only other player in the 20s is Jalen Brunson (20.9 PPG).

The biggest factor that will determine either a positive or negative outcome is the team’s consistency. We have seen New York go on winning streaks this season and then fall *fast* into a cold streak of loss after loss. If the team can stay consistent then New York will easily be and stay a top five team in the East.

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