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The New York Islanders Have Fatal Flaw Despite Winning Record

Updated: May 18, 2023

The New York Islanders are 11-7-0 with 22-points as they stand third in the Metropolitan Division. The team is winning and has a lot of potential and can possibly win the division, but one thing is stopping them and can lead to their downfall: Slow starts.

Hockey is a game of consistency for both sides of the ice. With that being consistent in this sport is one of, if not the biggest key to winning. The Islanders have been playing basically half of a game as they do not seem to show up until the very end, always having to come back.

The comeback is becoming a disturbing trend quite frankly. The team has resiliency and the ability to come back, but they continue to put themselves in what is a negative trend. If New York continues the trend they will soon find themselves outside playoff seeding. The NHL season is more than 20% done with, the next 5-7 games will play a huge part on the winning or losing path they will be on.

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