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The Medal Count For The 2022 Winter Olympics

The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, China has now come to an end. The multi-week sporting event featured some of the toughest events athletes will ever endure in their careers. We saw many athletes overcome with joy and excitement as others were shadowed by defeat and sorrow. When it comes to medals Norway was the top with 37 total medals (16-8-13 splits) as Germany got to stand on the middle of the podium, getting 27 total medals (12-10-5) over the course of the games and finally in p3 is China, they will bring home the bronze in their home games with 15 total medals (9-4-2) for the third and final podium spot. When it comes to medals China sits outside the top five with total medals, but due to them having the third most gold they get the podium spot. The United States of America comes in fourth place with 25 total medals, but only 8 gold. Russia finished p9 despite a 32 medal effort, they only got a total of 6 gold medals. The winter Olympics will be back for 2026 in Milan, Italy for its next set of games.

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