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The Knicks Need To Use Jericho Sims More

Updated: May 18, 2023

Jericho Sims currently averages 3.8 points-per-game in 15 minutes on the court. The sophomore player has appeared in a career high 43 games, starting in 12 (also a career high).

Overall though Sims has been, for lack of better words, he has been below average. 3.8 PPG with 4.7 TRB and 0.5 AST has been the stat line for the Center. It is worthy to note though that Sims does have a .809 FG%, he rarely misses but at the same time he also rarely attempts to shoot. He has dealt with inconsistent playing minutes a majority of the season, nevertheless he should be averaging at least 7 PPG in 15.

Sims is 6’10 and is a dunk master who frankly could be a superstar on the team. If Thibs balances his playing time we will most likely see an increase of PPG and TRB. The Knicks need to use his height and court vision to their advantage. If they don’t plan on utilizing him then he should be traded for New York could get a player that would work with the schemes of the team.

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