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The Greatest Athlete That Never Went Pro

Updated: May 17, 2023

Edward Konareski was one of the best all around athletes in the state of Connecticut as he could play basketball, baseball, track and field like a pro. It all starts mainly in the 50s, 1953 to be exact where he played basketball for Sacred Heart. Edward put up 13 in his first game and after that he was a regular to put up a dozen or more in every game. He always contributed in every way possible for the team, his performance was like no other as he was the top scorer in almost every game. During that he did track and field for a short stint of time where he was the definition of speed in the 220-yard dash (The 220-yard dash is now non-existent, becoming the 200-yard dash.)

Edward was a regular on the podium bringing home medal after medal. Edward Konareski was a true baseball star, he had the role of pitcher and he was great at it. He produced multiple shutouts, no-hitters and one hitters and when he had to step up to the plate he did an amazing job too. Edward was a true athletic machine in every way and in every definition possible.

Edward would continue to play baseball in different leagues making news headline after news headline. Edward played for multiple schools during the 50s till he stopped in the early 1960s. He was a true athletic marvel. Who knows what could've happened if he didn't stop when he did. Only a few players can succeed at multiple sports, he was one of them.

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