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The Buffalo Sabres Lack Of Playoff Hockey

Updated: May 18, 2023

After missing the 2021/22 NHL playoffs the Buffalo Sabres continue to look for leadership. The Sabres started the season off hot, but multiple lengthy losing streaks put the team below .500% as they were not able to come out of the inconsistent funk. The Buffalo based team would go 32-39-11 with 75 points, 5th place in the Atlantic division. With this year’s playoff absence the Sabres have now missed 11-straight playoff seasons, a new NHL record. The biggest factor in the team’s lack of success is lack of defense, mainly in overtime. The 11 OT losses that Buffalo got was a morale killer in itself, it showed that the Sabres defense cannot hold a game long enough for the offense to score. If the Sabres can fix their defensive woes this upcoming offseason then the team will have a legitimate chance at going above .500% and contending for a playoff spot.

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