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Taj Gibson's 2024 Time With The Knicks Is Weird

Taj Gibson starting games for the Knicks in 2024 should be considered a crime. In a non-injury world, Gibson would normally be part of the third rotation of any team; but the Knicks are battered black and blue. 

The absence of OG, Julius, Isaiah and Donte had New York limp to the all-star break on a four-game losing streak. New York needed this break more than any other team in the league – despite that and being 5-5 in their last 10 games, they’re undoubtedly heavy favorites for a deep playoff run.

Having Taj on his repetitive 10-day contracts is the best thing for New York right now even though there is very little the 38-year-old could do. Gibson’s last three games saw him on the court for 33 minutes and going 0-5 shooting. The donut points tally is not pretty to look at, but Taj is contributing by notching rebounds, assists and blocks. 

Still, Taj Gibson’s contribution is low – so why is it good that he is on the team? 

  • Because Taj is on a limited contract; his time in New York could be cut and send him into free agency, opening up a roster spot for a younger G-Leaguer. 

  • Gibson also brings that veteran mentality, though the Knicks are a somewhat older team, Gibson’s experience (especially playoff experience) is critical during these injury times. 

  • Also, Gibson is rarely injured – despite being 38, Gibson is known for being healthy, which is something the Knicks desperately need right now.

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