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Sabres Hockey: A Big Apple Inconsistency

Questions, questions, questions –  that is something that all of us have in life; for the Buffalo Sabres, that’s what their entire franchise has been the definition of for over a decade.

Backtracking though to more recent hockey: Buffalo was a legitimate playoff contender across the 2022/23 season, being eliminated in the final week of the regular season. All seemed bright and for the first time since 2010 – and then it was back to reality. 

The 33-32-5 Sabres are overall a trainwreck. A once promising team is now a bottom feeder. It’s looking more and more evident that last season was a fluke and frankly it’s a sad sight. Buffalo did surge on a 8-3-1 during a 12 game stretch, but now things have cooled off once again and Sabres hockey is 5-4-1 in their last 10.

You can't fully blame injuries and it definitely hasn't even been poor coaching, it's like the team is cursed. All the pieces are there, but the right execution needs to fall into order across all lines.

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