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Revenge Hungry Cavs Look For Payback In Back-To-Back Games Against Knicks

Back-to-back days of Knicks vs Cavaliers basketball will see the start of a new rivalry.

Both teams enter with a 1-2 record, the chance to see north of .500% basketball is a possibility.

The Cavaliers played mediocre basketball against the Knicks in the playoffs, which would have GM Koby Altman in motion to address the issues exposed by the Knicks.

Among offseason signings featured Max Strus, the sharpshooting guard who put holes in New York’s defense while on the Miami Heat last spring.

Stus said “They did us dirty last year and we’re going to try to play our game to show that we’re capable of playing with those guys.”

The two-game series will start on Tuesday night at 7:30 for the first game, with 7:30 Wednesday night tipping-off the second game.

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