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Retro Bowl Is Leading The Video Game Industry On A New Path

Over the past several years the Madden video game franchise has received unending amounts of criticism by video game players due to their unrealistic graphics along with countless glitches and cost to just buy the game in general. Now there is a new football game and it's free to play as it is taking the NFL video game community by storm. The game is called Retro Bowl as it depicts a 1980s style of gameplay with quarters up to three minutes long and realistic gameplay with the possibilities of fumbles, injuries and interceptions. Retro Bowl also makes it so you can sign free agents, propose trades with other teams and hire/fire staff as those are basic things in Madden, but the fact is the amount of gameplay you get for a free mobile game is truly amazing as you pay $49+ for a console game. Retro Football attacks everything that Madden is not and fans love it as it currently sits at number one in the app store.

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