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2021/22 NHL And NBA Seasons Kick Off

Updated: May 17, 2023

The 2021/22 season for both the NHL and the NBA have started within the past several weeks as New York has a total of five teams that play over the two sports. The biggest team to look at on the ice rink side are the New York Islanders who have been a consistent playoff team the past several seasons and finished 32-17-7 last season, being the best out of three New York hockey teams. Going courtside, you have the New York Knicks who overall was not the top NBA team of New York as that was held by the Brooklyn Nets who went 48-24. The Knicks went 41-31 with a playoff spot as that was the first time the Knicks made the postseason since 2013, all eyes are on the Knicks who last won a championship in 1972.

Both NHL and NBA 2021/22 schedules feature 82 games for each team as the shortened seasons caused by COVID-19 are over. This will be a huge year both for sports as fans and teams will be able to see who is truly completive with the full number of games that we were all used to pre COVID.


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