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Pitching To The Postseason: West Haven Clinches Last Second Playoff Berth

Westie baseball clinched a playoff spot via a 19-4 win over Platt Tech. An 8-12 record would mark the regular season record, accompanied by the last minute playoff slip-in. West Haven will be in playoff baseball under first-year head coach Steve Carden.

Needing to win their final two games of the season to qualify for states, West Haven would blowout both Bassick (15-0) and Platt (19-4) to make the tournament.

Scoring runs eventually leads to wins in the record column, but you cannot win if there is no defense.

There have always been debates on what is more important to winning, offense or defense. That has been one of the top arguments since the beginning of sports, especially baseball.

West Haven pitched a total of 126.2 innings as a team, having a 88-65 K-BB ratio. An average ERA of 5.56 and WHIP of 1.5372 would mark the stat column after a total of eight different pitchers took the mound and were used in the 20 game regular season span.

There was only one player with an ERA below 3.00 through 10 or more innings of work this season. That player was Evan Jones.

Evan Jones put up the most innings pitched at 35.2 and posted an ERA of 2.05 after allowing 8 ERs. He also had a WHIP of 1.2500 with his 28-16 H-BB ratio, he also posted 28 strikeouts for a 7.2/K9 number. Jones is currently one of the best pitchers in the Connecticut high school baseball world.

West Haven will go into the playoffs looking to keep their season alive.

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