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Obi Toppin's Future Is 'Cloudy' With Knicks

We all thought that New York was unseeable several weeks ago with wildfire smoke, now try being Obi Toppin who has no clear sight into where he will play in a few months.

Obi Toppin’s future is split 50/50; New York is giving more mixed signals than a crazed ex-girlfriend.

It is speculated that he will either be traded in a package deal that sends a superstar to New York, or will be traded to make room for a free agent signing, as others think he will remain with the team.

The role of Toppin has been limited with Julius Randle keeping the first-string rotation spot. Obi’s camp along with Toppin himself has made it clear on multiple occasions that more playing time is a want.

Simply there is just no place to put the former 8th overall pick that would satisfy both sides.

Last season Toppin played in fewer games and averaged 1.6 points-per-game less than he did in 2021/22, while also being on the court less time.

His stats in 67 games last season featured 7.4 PPG off of a .446FG%, while also having averages of 2.8 TRB and 1.0 AST, Toppin shot a career high .809% from the line.

Biggest decrease is the FG% at .446%, which was down massively from a .531% last season, in fact it was the worst of his career.

Despite being down in almost every major category, there are many deals that New York’s front office could do.

The only factor that may contribute to keeping 6 '9 Toppin in MSG is his brother, Jacob, who was signed as an undrafted free agent not even three weeks ago.

Jacob Toppin will be an interesting player to watch. It is almost guaranteed that his career will start with the Westchester Knicks. Though signing the younger Toppin, it doesn’t really seem that he is in the fuller picture of New York’s future.

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