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NFL Wild Card Review

The NFL Wild Card games are over for both the AFC and the NFC. This had to of been the most interesting wild card games the NFL has had in years, we saw upsets in three out of the four games!

The wild card started with the Buffalo Bills going up against the Houston Texans. Josh Allen's Bills dominated the first half of play, when halftime came the score was 16-0 Buffalo. Then the second half of play came and it was a totally different story, Buffalo struggled with Allen making so many mistakes, at one point intentionally fumbling a ball. Huston came back with a punch as they scored 19 points. With a minute left the Texans led 19-16, Buffalo then got into field goal range and kicked a 47 yard field goal with 5 seconds left, forcing the game into overtime. The Bills couldn't do anything, Houston ended up kicking a filed goal to win 22-19.

The Titans went up against the Patriots and won! The 9-7 Titans did one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history and beat Tom Brady in what could've been his final game. On the Patriots final play Tom Brady threw a pass that was intercepted and ended up being a touchdown seconds later. On the bright side at least Brady threw a touchdown in his final play. Titans beat the Patriots 20-13.

The Saints went up against the Vikings who have had a pretty quiet season. It was a close game the whole time, sending it into overtime. Vikings QB Kirk Cousins would throw a 40+ yard pass and later throw a touchdown to win the game in OT, 26-20. The TD call was questionable but it was not looked at. The Saints bad luck continue as this is the 3rd straight year they lose a playoff game on a questionable call.

The 9-7 Eagles went up against the Seahawks, it was a pretty boring game. The Eagles would have to use back up Josh McCown for pretty much the entire game. The Seahawks would win 17-9.

Overall the wildcard round its self was full of nail biting games, if the rest of the playoffs are like this then we are in for a treat.

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