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New York Rangers Are On A Playoff-Less Season Projection

Updated: May 18, 2023

Over 20% of the 2022/23 NHL season is in the record books for the New York Rangers. With that the team sits 8-6-3, on pace for a low 90s point total. 100-points was the total needed for the second wild card spot last season. 97-points is the most likely goal for a playoff seed, but as of now pace wise New York will fall short of that goal as they are on a possible 92-point pace.

The Rangers made minimal additions in free agency and opted instead for internal replacements for their additions from the previous trade deadline, with that the team is very similar to last years.

The Rangers were a team that struggled until making key moves at the trade deadline, with which they were able to make a deep run in the playoffs. New York has both a solid offense and defense, what they don’t have is consistency. Once the team becomes consistent they will start going on longer winning streaks and pull themselves out of the funk they are in.

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