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New York Jets And Giants Both Shine In Overtime To Win; First Time In NFL History

Updated: May 17, 2023

Yesterday we saw both Metlife stadium teams kickoff yesterday at 1:00pm for NFL Sunday football as the New York Giants played an away game against the New Orleans Saints with the Jets playing at home against the Tennessee Titans.

Starting off with the New York Giants it was a very slow moving first quarter as donuts went on the board with both teams' D-Line coming through, stopping any possible early points. It was not until the second quarter that both teams scored, each via touchdown as the first half ended with a 7-7 tie. Going into the second half it would be the Saints led by Jameis Winston go on a powerful drive to have the third touchdown of the game to score. The Giants were shutout in the TD category, but were still able to put points up via field goal as the third quarter ended 14-10. The fourth quarter was truly electric for the New York team as they put up double digit points, a total of 11 coming from a 54-yard pass from Giants QB1 Daniel Jones over to Saquon Barkley followed by a successful two-point conversion and a field goal later on. The Saints would score another touchdown in the fourth as both teams went into overtime 21-21. The New York Giants came in 0-3 in the season and overall 16-14-0 against the Saints for their franchise history record with their last win against the Saints coming back in 2016. Daniel Jones would lead the team on a 9 play 75-yard drive to win the game with Saquon Barkley running 6-yards into the end zone to win the game 27-21 in OT. For the first time in Daniel Jones’ career he has thrown for over 400-yards, getting a total of 402 on the game with 2TDs-1INT in a total of 40 PAs.

The New York Jets are newer than any other team in the NFL this season as they faced the Tennessee Titans (2-1) looking for their first win of the season as they entered 0-3. The Jets have over five rookie starters along with a rookie head coach and a rookie offensive coordinator along with a rookie QB when they entered play yesterday for week 4. The Titans struck early as they scored 3-points off of a field goal in the first quarter, the Jets would respond in the second quarter with a touchdown via Michael Carter rushing for 2-yards. Despite the TD the Jets still trailed going into the half due to two field goals made by the Titans as halftime came 9-7. The third quarter was only ruled by the Jets who’s D-Line has stopped the Titans offense only limiting them to field goals at this point, the Jets would score three in the third off of a field goal. The fourth quarter was lit up by both sides as Zach Wilson went off throwing two TD passes, one being a 53-yard bomb to Corey Davis. The Titans would respond in the fourth though as they put up a total of 15 points compared to the Jets 14, sending the game into Overtime. The Jets got the ball first and that's all she wrote as they went down the field to score a field goal and then had Tennessee miss a long FG attempt from 49-yards to give the Jets the win in OT and their first win of 2021.

This is the first time in NFL history that both the New York Jets and the New York Giants have won a game in overtime, a truly historic day for the sport. Both teams also got their first win as well going into week 5 with a 1-3 record.

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