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Yankees Sweep Red Sox In Dominating Fashion

Updated: May 17, 2023

It is now do or die time for the New York Yankees as they now have just six games left of their 2021 regular season. Those six games will be across two different series against two different teams, the Blue Jays and the Rays, all AL East teams. The Yankees are currently battling with the Boston Red Sox for the top wild card spot, they currently hold it as they just swept the team from Boston, but they are still at risk of losing it and even slipping out of the wild card entirely as the Toronto Blue Jays sit right behind.

So far this season the Yankees have played up and down baseball going from a 13-game winning streak to a 7-game losing streak along with just other inconsistencies in the W-L and L10 played columns. The Yankees players have shown up and do what they are paid to do, the biggest thing as a whole is that the team has fully come together, something they have not really done at all this season. The hitters are hitting and they are hitting hard, the pitching is solid and the starters are going deep into the game, the bullpen has been coming out and locking things down.

The final six games will be without a doubt the biggest six games in New York Yankees regular season franchise history.

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