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Multiple Blue Devils Announced For All-SCC Hockey Teams

Just days before the 2021/22 tournament for hockey the All-SCC teams were announced. The SCC has named Ryan Bernardi and Anthony Peschell to the 2nd Team, the two seniors were explosive this season with multiple goals and assists. DJ Carfora went 1st Team All-SCC, Carfora sat top three on the team when it came to goal scoring as he was a regular to sink one in the opposition net. West Haven went 7-13 on the season, two of those wins were in shutout fashion helped by a great defense and a solid offense.

It was also announced that both Peschell and Carfora will play in the Juniors-Seniors game later on this year. DJ Carfora is the last from the ‘Carfora Big 3’ which featured brothers Nick and Ben, fans got to see the trio play on the ice for the 2019/20 season. Ryan Bernardi has always been a solid player who is a regular to sink one in the net. This season No.4 went off and got 15 goals this season, leading the team in goal scoring. His best came against Immaculate where he got a hat trick in a West Haven 5-4 win in overtime. Anthony Peschell has always been known for his dangerous defense as he was always a threat on the ice. This season he became a threat from the offensive side due to him scoring the most goals in a season for his high school hockey career, Peschell sank four pucks in the net.

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