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Mike Tyson Gets Into Boxing Match On JetBlue Flight

Mike Tyson saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars and said to himself (possibly) “I can do better” as he then got into a boxing match on a JetBlue airplane. There was a fan sitting next to the world famous boxer who was talking to him and taking photos with him before the airplane departed the airport. Going into the sky the fan kept talking and talking after Tyson repeatedly asked the fan to stop, he then had enough. Mike Tyson then went on the Will Smith side of life, punching the unarmed fan several times to make visible injuries and blood drawn. Once the plane landed both parties were detained and later released due to California Penal Code 849(b) pending further investigation. Witnesses said that the fan asked Tyson for an autograph which then led to the quick fight. As of now Mike Tyson has been silent on this incident.

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