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Kyrie Irving Wants To Stay A Net

Just a handful of weeks ago we were talking about how Brooklyn Nets superstar Point Guard Kyrie Irving wants to leave the team, now we are talking about how he wants to stay. Several weeks ago Kyrie Irving wanted out of Brooklyn and even made a list of teams that he was interested in signing with as he had the option to become a free agent, instead Kyrie took his contact option of a fourth year to stay a Brooklyn Net. Kyrie was soon put on the trade block along with teammate and best friend Kevin Durant who is also an all-star in the sport. Overall both players have been on the trading block for just under two weeks as no team wants to make a deal with Brooklyn due to their high asking price. Kyrie Irving never asked for a trade though, a source close to the player reported and that Kyrie wants to be a Brooklyn Net and play on the team with or without Kevin Durant. Most likely both Durant and Irving with be on the team when the regular season rolls around as no team(s) are interested in giving up multiple big players and picks for the duo or even just one.

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