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Kickoff: West Haven Blue Devils Football Is Back

West Haven football is back as the Blue Devils varsity team faced Bunnell for a preseason game at the Bunnell Turf Field on Saturday. This game comes with more than a year of no football due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Blue Devils are under a new Quarterback by the name of Preston Denno, who overall has years of experience and a very impressive football IQ. Denno led the West Haven Seahawks to the Florida Football Playoffs several years back in his Bailey days and had the team in the top rankings.

The Blue Devils would cruise to a 22-6 victory over Bunnell, starting 2021 on a good note. Overall this season will really show the team’s path for the next four years as they lost so many key players with the no season/senior graduation. The team is full of many young players as a whole for a varsity team, but the talent is the best of the best. Over the past few years the Devils have not really been feared, but this year I am more than confident to say that they can bring on a massive amount of fear. The team has a roster of die hard West Haven footballers that do not know how to quit and simply give it their all. They will make each and every game living hell for the opposing teams.

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