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Joey Gallo Says He Does Not Go On NY Streets Because Of Hate

Updated: May 18, 2023

Several days ago Joey Gallo made several depressing statements on his Yankees career, and now in a recent Q&A he made another sad statement.

Joey Gallo was asked if he lives in Manhattan, which he answered yes to, he was then asked “What’s it been like for you when Yankees fans notice you on the streets?” Joey Gallo responded by saying

“I don’t go out on the streets”

Joey Gallo has not been vocal on his time on the team until recently when he opened up to the hate he has received. It is expected that Joey Gallo will not be a New York Yankee by the end of today as the MLB Trade deadline is 6:00pmEST. Joey Gallo has received massive amounts of hate due to him struggling at the plate. Gallo has had a true unfair hated hand sent to him by the Yankees fanbase, which is truly sad.

The hate is so bad that Gallo even said (also in the Q&A)

“I really don’t want to show my face around here (in NY)”

Joey Gallo has showed the sports world the harsh environment of being an athlete in New York. Gallo may of not have had the best time in the big apple, but the fact is he contributed to the team both big and small at times, his stay just didn’t work out to plan.


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